Arch. Nicola Ghilardi

I am my projects and my accomplishments

Between technical and artistic studies, I became an Architect in 2006.

Just before reaching this milestone, I have the fortune to practice as an Interior Designer at the prestigious Eugenio Molinari shipyard in Lezzeno, Lake Como, where I can freely express my creativity in the meticulous design of boats interiors.

It is in 2001, however, that I design for the first time the interior spaces of a public place; “Le Officine Disco Pub”, in Legnano (MI).

After graduation and enrollment in the Register of the Architects of Milan, my ideas become projects and I begin there where I grew up and spent my youth between work and study, namely the city of Legnano and neighboring.

The first challenges were the public places, like the discos, bars and restaurants that I frequented as a worker while I was attending university and to whom I wanted to give my stylistic imprint

The desire to engage in more and more daring challenges have led me to venture abroad. So, in 2013, I land in Africa, more specifically in Burundi, where I design the furniture exhibition center for Alpha CD Technology in the capital Bujumbura.

From 2013 I begin close collaborations in Albania; it is right in the capital, Tirana, that I give birth to a luxurious project, the Golden Palace, a commercial and residential building of 8 floors above ground, originated from a concept of elegance and practicality, design and contemporaneity.

My adventure in Albania is enriched by a unique teaching experience at the Metropolitan University of Tirana where I am asked to teach a course in architectural design, combined with several work-shops.

My professional and conceptual growth has been enriched by the participation in prestigious contests:

2009: The Quiquennial Title Award, 1st edition – 2° place  – Countryside Villa – San Nazzaro Sesia (NO)

2016: The Quiquennial Title Award, 4th edition – 3° place  – La Biloria, Legnano (MI)


Since 2007, the Architect Nicola Ghilardi Studio, has been active in Legnano (Milan)

It is a constantly evolving environment, a multifaceted space halfway between Design, Architecture, Craftsmanship and Contemporaneity which will reserve many novelties for years to come….