Present yourself with the gift of Time,
by surrounding yourself with Emotions

Have you have wondered what one of the most important things you have is? Time!

Your house, your apartment, your venue, your business place, your building requires lots of it, along with increasingly specific and detailed attention and qualification in the field.

First of all, my job is to listen to you, understand you, and make your dreams come true with professionality, cure of the details and preparation, without leaving anything to chance.

My team and I are professionals: each and everyone of us is part of an orchestra and the role of the architect is being a good conductor, harmonizing the professional figures that revolves around a conscious design and its meticulous realization

Each project is unique for idea, design, and fast identification, each project is You.


“In the beautiful setting of Lake Maggiore, with a breathtaking view geared towards the sunset, the bar and restaurant “Molo di Ranco” has just reopened

The circular bar blends with sweetness in the surrounding landscape, giving life to a suggestive and romantic meeting point.

Architect Ghilardi, who can count amongst his collaborations popular restaurants and businesses in the area, gave new life to this jewel overlooking the lake

Entering the restaurant, what captures the attention is the suggestive play of lights and reflexes  between the iron structure of the wine rack, the wooden seats of the chairs and the big windows overlooking the lake…”

The Idea, the Work, the Realization, the Emotion

La Biloria

Contrasted Attic

Light Sushi Contemporay food

Golden Palace

Villa Inga

Il Birrificio di Legnano

Agricoltural Business

Round Loft

Rex Bibendi

Our Project


Contemporary | Innovative | Possible


Elegant | Sophisticated | Custom-made

Restaurant & Bar

Original | Distinctive | Functional

“Once upon a time there was a child who loved to draw and invent landscapes and characters. In nursery school he drew his family, meadows and houses; In elementary school animals, stars, and houses; In middle school robots and houses; In high school

paintings, houses and skyscrapers!

This child, now a boy, knew well what his destiny was: architecture.

And so, he graduated from the “Politecnico” of Milan and began to design what he had always loved, with passion and dedication.

His first attention was towards the entertainment venues, restaurants and bars, born from his imagination and the desire to combine the design with the artistic representation.

Today, nothing has changed: you can still find the enthusiasm for design, the art of design, and the desire to find the winning idea of that child in your architect who, in the meantime, is only a little older, but still hungry for architecture.”


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 Interior & Communication Designer

Communication and marketing consultant


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